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Who Are We?

The inspiration for this website came about as a result of Dr. Morris-Rutledge teaching a supporting English language learner course for school counselors and school psychologists at the California University of Pennsylvania (CALU) for several years. Dr. Rutledge is not a counselor, but through collaboration with the Counselor Education Department and School Psychology Department at CALU was and is able to develop coursework and materials for school counselors and school psychologists who often are not included when educating and professionally developing personnel who will work with English language learners and their families.

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In May 2020, Dr. Susan Morris-Rutledge, Joseph Dilucente, founder of English Language Starts LLC, and Margaret Thompson, school counselor and former student of Dr. Morris-Rutledge, collaborated on a proposal entitled “Calling All School Personnel: Helping School Counselors and Psychologists Navigate the World of PreK-12 ELL students.”  Three Rivers TESOL awarded them $264 to develop a website of resources and tools. They are eternally grateful for this opportunity. 


One a side note, this particular title was inspired by Alyssa Daniels, another school counselor student of Dr. Rutledge’s who is currently practicing. They collaborated on several presentations to develop school counselors’ knowledge, skills, and dispositions in 2016. 

Dr. Morris-Rutledge would also like to give credit to the following:  


The class EDU 650 W1 Spring 2020, a section devoted to school counselors and school psychologists, who really put much effort and thought into their research on socio-emotional and assessment issues regarding ELLs.  


Megan Ierna and Susan Albert in EDU 719 Sociolinguistics Fall 2020. Both did exemplary research on socio-emotional issues regarding ELLs.

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"To have another language is to possess a second soul."

- Charlemagne

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