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Collaboration Resources


Collaboration occurs when members of a learning community work together to increase their learning, so that students increase their learning and achievement. 

Seddon, J. (2015). School Counselor Support for the Academic, Career, Personal, and Social Needs of ELL Students. Culminating Projects in Community Psychology, Counseling and Family Therapy, 8. Retrieved from

Multicultural and Social Justice Books - Social Justice Books

This website provides a guide to selecting anti-bias children’s books through a traffic light system. The green lights signify “recommended”, yellow lights mean “recommended with a caveat” and red lights equal “not recommended.” 

Supporting the Journey of English Learners after Trauma by Judith O'Loughlin and Brenda K. Custodio (2020). University of Michigan Press. This book provides practical resources to help educators better understand the possible traumatic backgrounds of their students. It  focuses on how school personne create safe environments in schools and classrooms to help students recognize, nurture, and expand their internal resilience. 

Each year, the St. Louis Public School District ESOL Bilingual Migrant program hosts a College and Career Fair for English Language Learners attending middle school and high school.

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