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About Us

Susan Morris-Rutledge, Ph.D


Susan is currently an associate professor in the Department of Education at the California University of Pennsylvania. She has been teaching English as a Second language (ESL) and about ESL  for approximately 24 years. Her doctorate is from The University of Mississippi in Curriculum in TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of other languages).  She was designated one of TESOL’s 30 up and coming in 2016. She currently teaches all of the undergraduate and graduate ESL courses required for teacher certification and coordinates the ESL specialist teacher preparation program at the graduate level.

Joe DiLucente

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Joe DiLucente is the founder and lead consultant for English Language Starts, LLC. As a former ESL teacher and current administrator, and adjunct professor in the field, Joe created ELS to promote access to creative and fulfilling learning environments that represent the needs of dynamic learners. The need for accessibility that goes beyond content accommodations to account for each student's language- and culture-based interpretations of their learning is central to the vision of ELS, LLC. Joe has explored the intersection of behavioral and academic interventions for English learners concerning their linguistic and cultural needs. He plans to create on-demand resources for school counselors and school psychologists to become more aware of factors that enable English learners to access their full range of needs. These factors include the role of second language acquisition within the multidisciplinary evaluation process, how to determine equitable access to gifted education via the full range of screening criteria, and more.

Molly Thompson

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Molly Thompson is the Junior High School Counselor at Greensburg Central Catholic Junior-Senior High School and works primarily with grades seven, eight, and nine. She has also spent time working for the HRSA grant at California University of Pennsylvania that provided free mental health training, internship incentive programs, focused primarily on rural or underserved populations. She believes that collaboration across disciplines is vital in the social, emotional, and academic success of every student.

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